Our artificial intelligence (A.I) powered solution aims to drive the most accurate and efficient risk stratified care management strategy for our healthcare system, leading to higher value and quality of patient care.

Risk of Readmission

Insight.AI is designed to analyze a patient medical record and predict the probability of 30-day readmission and optimal length of patient stay.

Risk Factor Analysis

Using a hybrid of deep learning and statistical modelling, Insight.AI will identify risk factors highly correlated with the reason of readmission.

Care Strategy Identification

Choosing follow-up care is a critical step in a patient's recovery process. Insight.AI aims to identify personalized care strategies that will result in improved patient satisfaction and reduced readmission.

Tailor-made Design

At InnoVie Health, we understand that a "one size" model is not optimal for all healthcare organizations. Thus, we want to provide healthcare institutions the ability to tailor the system to meet their priorities.


Using a combination of both clinical and non-clinical data points, such as Quality of Patient Care, will allow Insight.AI to differentiate planned from unplanned readmission.

Seamless Integration

Insight.AI will integrate with Electronic Health Records to retrieve patient data in real-time, requiring no manual entry of information into our system.

Social Impact

In underdeveloped countries, where access to medical resources is scarce, better risk stratification systems need to be incorporated within the medical infrastructure to ensure that sufficient care is allocated to those patients in need.

IBM A.I XPrize Social Competition

The $5M IBM A.I XPrize Competition is a social competition designed to give startups, organizations and researchers the ability to deploy artificial intelligence (A.I) in underdeveloped regions, with the goal of creating a grand impact.

In several underdeveloped countries, current methods of record keeping still employ the traditional pen and paper. The increasing incorporation of electronic health records (EHR) in North America and Europe, is allowing for the development and integration of A.I technologies that can be used to analyze massive amounts of patient data.

Thus at InnoVie Health, we want to give underdeveloped countries the opportunity to employ efficient record keeping systems along with our A.I risk platform to help doctors better prevent avoidable diseases and outbreaks. As new technology develops, the cost to develop and implement computer systems is dropping, allowing InnoVie Health A.I technology to make a grand impact in these countries.

Our mission is to become the first A.I Powered Healthcare Platform integrating data from Health Records, Emerging Medical Technologies and Non Clinical Data Sources to provide Real-Time Actionable Insight into Patient Disease Risk.

Healthcare Systems

We are looking for healthcare systems to pilot our system. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please send us a message at

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